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From Fishies to Groupies

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After a long day of grocery shopping, confused and (sometimes unfriendly) taxi rides, puzzling procedures at the post office / bank, and low blood sugar level, I decided today would best be spent in the company of mother earth. So I left my cozy apartment the minute I finished inhaling my muesli, and hopped on the first bus to Kadikoy. Destination: Moda, a pleasant hamlet by the sea, located right on the outskirts of Kadikoy, the most hopping town this side of Istanbul.

First stop: the harbour. A tangle of buses, taxis, pedestrians, ferries, vendors, fish sandwiches, and seagulls. Feeding seagulls off the docks is a very popular hobby. For everyone. Rather than feed them (they are already quite engorged), I quickly covered my head and ducked out of the way. No need for unfortunate accidents today (defence is always the best offense).


Once past the harbour, a boardwalk stretches all the way to Moda and beyond, with sweeping views of the Bosphorus and the European shore. An oasis of peace amongst the chaos; just what the doctor ordered.


...well... mostly peaceful, aside from the shooting ranges scattered along the boardwalk...


Being so close to the water, Kadikoy is a bastion of good seafood. Especially fish! There’s a statue in the harbour holding a basket full of them...perhaps the God of Fish (there was no plaque). In my opinion, here in Kadikoy the best ways to enjoy fish are either to eat a fish sandwich on the docks, or to look at fish in the fish market. Today, I stumbled on the most visually stimulating seafood displays I had seen...ever, probably. I love markets. This one was like balm for the soul.


To further continue my day of R&R, Leilla and I met for lunch for some QT and catching up. Another delicious adventure, but I will spare you the details. Can I just say that I have never eaten dishes with quite this blend of spice and flavour. Deelish. Plus, being as they were out of apple tea, they served us a warm concoction of ginger, lemon, cinnamon, and chopped walnuts, on the house. Wow. Like drinking Christmas.


As a final cap to the day, my roommate Anouk took me along on a research expedition for her thesis, to watch a band (as yet unnamed) practice in the auditorium of a private school while we clapped away from our front row seats. Turkish groupie! Woohoo! My soul feels refreshed and replenished already.


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