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Travelling in Europe, I have oft been mistaken for Dutch, Finnish, French, Danish, English, and, inevitably, American. Rarely Canadian though, interestingly. (Though I am well adorned with flags, thanks Mom!)

Saturday however, was a first.

I was ambling through the grand bazaar when I heard “Konnichiwa!” out of the corner of my ear.

Not thinking anything of it, I kept my blinders on and continued on my leisurely stroll. If there is one thing I learned, it is not to engage or make eye contact with every vendor in the marketplace, particularly on the European side. No I do not “want to spend my money.” I'd rather like to keep it, thank you.

On this Saturday however, this one vendor was being particularly insistent. “Konnichiwa! Konnichiwa!”

Wondering what got his bloomers in a twist, and why he was insistently calling out greetings to a rather sparsely populated area of the marketplace, I ignored my ‘wise traveler’ rules and turned to give him a quizzical look. Well! Exactly what he had been waiting for! Elated to finally have my attention, he eagerly called out:

“Japanese?” Nodding his head. “Japanese?”

Hmmmm...what gave it away?

Turns out, I’m like a travelling chameleon.

In need of an inconspicuous super secret agent? Call me.

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