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After spending the last 5 days here.....


I am happy to report that I am finally back on the bandwagon and ready for action.


No. That’s not me. But that's how I feel now! And I love her hair.

A fresh bill of health, a fresh start in the big city. And by big, I mean huge. Half of Canada lives in Istanbul. That is 15 million people in one metropol, second only to Mexico City. (So I’m told... I haven’t verified these facts so please don’t quote me). Still, impressive. The football (soccer) stadium nearby holds 58,000 people. THREE times the Bell Center... that makes for a mighty impressive atmosphere, and some dangerously carburant traffic come game time. Enough to burn your nose hair right off (if you have any.... because I don’t. Not anymore at least).

Aside from hanging out in the powder room, the week was also peppered by apartment visits, as I have now moved flats and settled my rump down permanently in a much finer location. Five minutes from the sea, one minute away from Asian Istanbul’s most famous street (Bagdat Caddesi), and seconds away from plentiful food and drink. The Decor: super 90s chic. Pink walls, pastel curtains, black lacquer patio furniture, mirror doors, turquoise pillows. I am channelling Joan Collins just by being here.



Roommates: wonderful. We have ourselves a small French contingent here, 2 Quebeccers and 2 Frenchies...along with two Dutch, one Slovakian, and one German (finally outnumbered!) Really, I might advise any foreigner coming to study in Istanbul to polish up on their German. Even the taxi drivers speak Turkish first, German second, English... usually not at all. Bitte schön!

Oh, and I don’t actually live with 7 people. We’re 8 students split into two neighbouring apartments. The boy’s side and the girl’s side. And the girl’s side is much prettier. Long live gender differences!


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