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It’s quite late and I have an 8am flight tomorrow, so this update will be brief. The last few weeks have been crazy, I'm always wanting to write... but falling asleep pathetically early. Ok. So I have precisely....15 minutes before bedtime, so here are some highlights of the past two weeks (in no particular order)...

1. April 4th marked the last day of my sugar fast, and words cannot explain the relief I felt. After talking about it for so long, I’m sorry to say it was a tad bit anti-climactic. I had been eyeing these cherry-chocolates for 40 days, sitting on the kitchen counter next to the sugar bowl. So when the morning of the 4th came, I knew exactly what I wanted. I love cherry chocolates. The choice was natural. As it turns out however, this German one was filled with bitter alcohol. And it was rancid. Like a bite of vodka at 10 in the morning. Sooo disappointing for a first bite of sweetness. Not to fret though, I quickly ate myself into a sugar coma, and had trouble moving by the time dinner came. Actually, I’m pretty sure I had no dinner. Just sugar.

I’m still in that coma, by the way.

2. Celebrating Easter with roommates from all over Europe can bring up some interesting conversations. With our mini UN sitting around the table – France, Slovakia, Canada, Holland – we started debating the origins of the holiday. One of us was pretty sure Jesus descended to hell before going up to heaven, but no one could be sure. Surely someone told all the languishing souls the good news: heaven was open! Amen! The good news delivered (check!), Jesus went up to heaven to see his Father...right? Anyway. Right or not, our friend from Holland must have been confused from the get go, because at the end of this conversation, he asked "who was Jesus’ father?"
(Am I the only one who finds this funny?)
Of course I am laughing with him, not at him. (Sorry Vincent).

3. Back in February, my roommate Bertille received a little red rabbit for Valentine’s Day from her boyfriend Louis, the Frenchman who lives next door. With high hopes of making him our Easter mascot come April, we took great care of little Köfte (meatball). He was well-fed, allowed plenty of time to hop around outside the cage, and spoiled with affection, like all little rabbits should be. Five days after he joined our family, Köfte died a mysterious death. He did not make it to his first Sunday.

With the big holiday coming up, Louis bought a second rabbit. This time we named him after a discount grocery store: Bim. I’m not sure why, but it sounded good at the time. And we made sure to give him plenty of carrots too. Until we realized it was the carrots that were making him sick. Apparently, carrots are only a treat, not a meal! Thank you Wikipedia. So we cured little Bim back to health, gave him plenty of mineralized water and spinach, and he was ship-shape for Easter. But ten days after he joined our family, Bim died a mysterious death. He only made it to his second Sunday.

Perhaps this is purely coincidental. But perhaps there is a pattern. We have had four fridges since February, and the fourth one just broke yesterday. We have had the shower fixed three times, and the washing machine twice. We have had two bunnies, and both bunnies passed.

I think the appartment is rejecting us.

4. Finally (I need to wrap up here, I’ve gone past my bedtime), this weekend I received my first visitor from home: Cynthia! Neighbours since... well, birth, practically....we hadn’t spent more than 4 hours together since last summer, ever since Cynthia followed her heart and moved to London (England, not Ontario). So we reunited in Istanbul over the weekend for some bonding, eating, visiting, bathing, eating, partying, talking, aaaand... eating. We tried to visit most of the sites, but really, it turned more into a sort of culinary tour than a historical one (to which Cynthia remained unfazed). History shmistory. Let’s eat!

Well now it’s really bed time. There are many things I’d like to write about, but I’ve got an early wake up call tomorrow. Off to Syria and Egypt for the next two weeks (yippeeeee!) so will write when I get back (inshallah).

Happy spring!

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Salut Émilie,

Je sais pas si tu me replace, on a été au Guatemala ensemble! Je voulais juste te dire que je suis tes aventures via Facebook et que tu as l'air de vivre toute une expérience! Tes photos sont vraiment belles!


by Catherine Brisebois

Emolie!!! Sounds like you're having the time of your life!! With a few trying times in between:) Hope you have an amazing time in Syria and Egypt...can't wait to hear all about it.
Love ya xxx

by Sarah

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