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New Career Found: Herding Cows in Turkey

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Fact: school is over.
Reality: I don’t know what to do with my life.
Solution: I have found my true calling in the hills of Eastern Turkey.

Witness exhibit A:


Notice the true confidence I exude as I confidently release the reigns with one hand. Please ignore the herder “leading” the donkey. The donkey knows I’m the boss. The herder is just a prop.

Please consider the following:


Completely in control. In fact, you might call me a ‘herd whisperer’, had you been there to see it live. So completely in control was I, that I decided my work was better appreciated off the donkey, leading both ass and cow and gentle maiden.


I think the crooked sunglasses add to my authoritative air. Don’t you?
Let’s take a closer look.


Definitely. The best 5$ I ever spent. These babies were enough to kick those cows into high gear.


This one was clearly impressed.

To be truthful (as always), in my haste, I was so taken by my donkey that I may have left a few stragglers behind. Thankfully, my travelling companions also found their true calling in the fields of Eastern Turkey. They were only too happy to take up the slack where I left off (though honestly, most of the work was done for them beforehand – not to toot my own horn or anything). Plus, the donkey pretty much did all the work. The ass knows. Seb was just along for the ride.


I will admit though, I think he may have been saved by the stick he borrowed, which turned out to have the uncanny effect of parting the cows , much like Moses did with the Red Sea. Uncanny!

Our field trainers were so impressed with our work, they rewarded us by taking us on a journey to a castle situated in the no man’s land between Turkey and Armenia. Aside from the military warning signs and the hopping through a ripped barbed wire fence, it was completely safe! Completely. Anyway, thanks to our apparent knack at herding cattle, we were rewarded with a journey that few tourists ever embark on, in a place that was reminiscent of a Disney movie, complete with rolling green hills and snow capped peaks. Here’s what old faithful (Lonely Planet) has to say about it: “Across the rolling grass, southwest of the mosque, rises the monumental Iç Kale (the Keep), which holds within its extensive ruins half a ruined church. Beyond Iç Kale on a pinnacle of rock in a bend of the Arpa Çayı (river) is the small church called the Kız Kalesi (Maiden’s Castle). You’ll have to look from a distance – both these sites are out of bounds.” Ahhhh. Just my kind of travelling.

Thanks herders. And the one with the beard? He’s my future husband. Tall, brawny, and muscular. The strong silent type. We understood each other, even though I don’t remember his name. He taught me about cattle, about living outdoors, about respecting nature and appreciating the beauty in life. I’ll never forget you Burhan (or was it Özer...). Never.


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